Syndicate Ventures

We are a mercenary dev sec ops collective.
We will do anything and everything right up to the letter of the law for you and your clients for a fee. Let's start by seeing if you are already compromised:

We are not a troll farm...

Bots on Demand

Can your campaign or issue roll out an army of bots on demand? If not, our clients are kicking your ass this fall.

Threat Vectors

Who's AI is determining and monitoring your brands biggest threat vectors.

Stealth Broadcast

How to get your message out there without looking like you are trying to get a message out there?

Social Media Spiders

If you are not spidering social media for your mentions, do you really know what is going on with your brand?

Our Mission
We aspire to be the premiere white label dev sec opps team on the web. Our clients outsource their most important digital functions to us daily.
What We Do?
We provide custom digital services to organizations that need to proactively protect their brands. Digitally, we win the spin.
Emergency Services
Is your brand under attack? Have you been deplatformed? Currently dealing with DDoS? We can help immediately, around the clock, seven days a week.

These guys are the best. Our candidates aren't viable online without them.

Olaf Headroom

I can't tell you who my client is and I don't tell people who my white label white hat hackers are either.

Ray Banz SecInternatial

We were under attack for 4 hours before we called syndicate Ventures, and then they fixed it in less than half that time.

Jared Sadul COO ScrewTubes

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